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  1. poodiemypants говорит

    this game would be better if the doors didn’t have to be smashed

    1. Akhil Ajith говорит

      @poodiemypants yeah I agree

    2. poodiemypants говорит

      Akhil Ajith fax but they could make it so it changes colour or disappears when you walk into it

    3. Akhil Ajith говорит

      Then u wouldn’t know which room is not looted

  2. Luke Sheehan говорит

    It’s like apex legends but on steroids imo

    1. Junko Enoshima говорит

      @Ozzie its a combination of everything

    2. Ozzie говорит

      @Junko Enoshima out of all the games on the planet you say warface? Lmao ok.

    3. Junko Enoshima говорит

      And warface

    4. traveller and gypsy videos говорит

      Mixed with a bit of overwatch

  3. Henry Hyuga говорит

    The faze house says u should join faze I recommend stay loyal to side men

    1. Tarun Sharma говорит

      Wait, in what video did they say that?

  4. VS Editz говорит

    Its a cross between Valorant and Apex Legends I guess

    1. alextoddyy 05 говорит

      apex legends yeah but how is it valorant?

  5. Yan Leduc-Chun говорит

    This is crazy, literally last night I was coming up in my mind with ideas of what Warzone should look like in 5 years if it were to be set in the future, and this game has a lot of the concepts I thought would make the game awesome, especially the stuff relating to fighting verticality, can’t wait for this to come out, looks actually amazing

  6. NG Con говорит

    You are the best I would love to play against you keep up that good work

  7. Official Jade. говорит

    Vikk should play Valorant! It would be dope to see him play a strategical and tactical fps. Am I the only one that agrees on this?

    1. Ashyyy k говорит

      Nah he played it but didn’t liked it said csgo was better

    2. NuclearGamer говорит

      Vikk played valorant via stream already, he didnt play since, that was like a month or 2 ago? I think

    3. Derp говорит

      he used to play a decent amount of csgo back in the day, he used to be average, I wonder how good he would be now if he played valorant lol

    4. Shammy говорит

      He’s streamed it before when the beta (I think) was released but said he didn’t enjoy it very much

    5. Spartanboi7 говорит


  8. Yukhi говорит

    I’m looking forward to playing this

  9. Help Me Get 1000 Subs With 1 Video говорит

    Don’t worry, we’ll survive the whole year no matter how any disaster happens.

  10. 10K Subscribers Before The Quarantine Ends говорит

    Message to all those Vikkstar123 fans: *You’re nice unique and awesome. Have a wonderful day!*

  11. Juan B говорит

    It’s just gonna die after a month

    1. Raging Hulk говорит

      It’s not gonna completely die off. It’s gonna have it’s own fan base like apex

    2. traveller and gypsy videos говорит

      Unless they update it and nerfs some things

    3. John Hudson говорит


    4. azizaoujdia говорит


  12. Claptified говорит

    Wtf am I watching 😂 I’m excited to jump on it and have a go

  13. Shaun Bautista говорит

    i thought you were too injured to play Clubs with the rest of the Sidemen in the recent upload 🤔😂

  14. A D говорит

    This is the end of Warzone. Mark my words

  15. g u i l t говорит

    This game would b impossible to run on console ngl. 😂🤔

  16. Raging Hulk говорит

    Game looks good but needs a faster time to kill

  17. Scott C говорит

    Vik please play Valorant I feel like you would be good

  18. Mythic Muffinz говорит

    Btw did u play multiplayer before yesterday and do you even have multiple

  19. Ethan C говорит

    Lowkey looks like overwatch battle royale

  20. Matthew Rumsey говорит

    Hey dude look up upspeak or high rising terminal

    1. traveller and gypsy videos говорит

      What they about

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