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    Man, soon as i heard reckful died, i started crying, i watched his wow movies back in the day, loved all his content he ever made, they best wow legend to this date.

  2. SethDutton GAMiNG говорит

    I have been ending My Stream and going to nobody for going on four years the 19th of this month because exactly 4 years ago then I had a bad car accident while nearly lost my life and let’s just say needless to say I really found out who my friends were after that when I could not walk and had to go to therapy and had my mouth wired shut so yeah I know all about depression just make sure y’all check on your happy friends cuz they are probably the ones that are hurting the most on the inside …..
    It does suck leaving the stream ..or game to see not one person sittinf here but thats how it goes. People come and they go. I would honestly live this way.
    Whenever i see couples arguing it just reminds me of how much I have it made so yeaj big weiners ans doubel teamers is my name and battlegrounds is STILL MY GAME . Lmao. If you reply. No worries i wont read it. I never so. I just let it sit in my notifications ..hahahhah…unlike some of you guys and gals. Till next time.

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