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  1. Macro говорит

    Like this comment if you want “HYPER SCAPE … For Noobs” 👍

    1. Mirror Lady говорит

      @Mr Billy Yeet
      Normally those types of Betas are only Pc exclusive, i don’t see ps4 gameplay, but don’t worry, in june 12 i think they may launch the game or an open beta

    2. Bleak Furball говорит

      Damn this looks fun

    3. Mr Billy Yeet говорит

      @Mirror Lady will u still have to watch streams tho to get it

    4. Mateusz Mosciszko говорит

      420 th like

    5. That person ‘ говорит

      Is out to play

  2. I couldn’t think of a name говорит

    I was so confused why everyone started streaming this

    1. YngGod TheRealKing говорит

      Mmmm prob cause it new and ur Sponsor

    2. UnosBento говорит

      The bandwagon started rolling and people want to ride

    3. Jake O’Neill говорит

      It looks good

  3. Idiot From Mars говорит

    Wait a minute

    This isnt apex

    1. Pogger Pig говорит

      That YEET Boi r/woooosh

    2. NotMccreeMain говорит

      Justice Anderson your a dummy you don’t know how to spell dummy

    3. Aayam Girl говорит

      @Justice Anderson don’t say that I thought it was APEX for a second

    4. That YEET Boi говорит

      Justice Anderson he was being sarcastic

    5. Justice Anderson говорит

      U dumby

  4. MVP Media говорит

    The apex graphics pack looks great!!

    1. UnosBento говорит

      Lmao apex Gfx are better tho

    2. Ahnaf Chowdhury говорит

      Deadass how do I download it again?

    3. Landon Becker_13 говорит


  5. seb wall говорит


    1. Henry guzman говорит


  6. Goosey говорит

    Macro: *lands*
    Also Macro: *misses all the bad guns and gets a minigun*
    Me: Hes to dangerous to be kept alive!

    1. Andrew говорит

      babay kakashi ok english teacher

    2. babay kakashi говорит

      um it’s *too*

  7. Yo Boi Antonio говорит

    This is an overwatch/titanfall 2 hybrid, it looks soooo fun!!! The only thing I don’t like about this is the looting system, it’s kinda confusing, but I’m sure it’ll get normal over time

    1. Lunartique говорит

      «titanfall 2»
      > apex legends

    2. UnosBento говорит

      I literally don’t seen any similarities besides there both futuristic

  8. The dippin Teabag говорит

    And the award of «sounding the most like you have alzheimers» goes to…

    Still love your vids tho

  9. the1and0nly говорит

    I was at the stream when this happened (this game looks great)

    1. GamingMasterKid говорит

      the1and0nly same I got a key

  10. Ruben Galindo говорит

    I can’t wait for hyper scape for noobs

  11. Christopher Dixon говорит

    Can you do rainbow six operators for noobs there are tons

  12. Owen Pisinski говорит

    Never thought macro and kandy would collaborate , but it’s certainly welcome

    1. Omega - говорит

      Lol they already did that

  13. Human Beiπg говорит

    (Also is it gonna be for console?)

    1. Vasilis Sagriotis говорит

      It will be released at the 7th(or 9rh?)of July, and it’s probably gonna be released for consoles to, but maybe not for the switch.. ..

    2. Krish 1568 говорит

      Jackson Salinas when will it be released .looks interesting

    3. Brady Wauldron говорит


    4. Jackson Salinas говорит

      Human Beiπg yes it is gonna be for console

  14. RADAR говорит

    The game looks really fun to play can’t wait for it to release on

    1. bumble bee gaming говорит

      @Fresh-Quality-Air my birthday is july 12th

    2. bumble bee gaming говорит

      i hope it comes to xbox

    3. Fresh-Quality-Air говорит

      The release for consoles is at December, the PC release is at July 12th

    4. Loba Andrade говорит

      @diego castro yes its a free to play game

    5. diego castro говорит

      RADAR is it free?

  15. Pranav Vetrichelvan говорит

    at first i thought this was crypto town takeover

  16. Qw3rtyYT говорит

    I saw this live on twitch

    1. 40 Drop говорит


  17. STEVIE49229 говорит

    Jesus, this game looks way too fast paced for me. Even Apex seems slower than this.

    1. h ryan говорит

      LAW_ Cosmicdeitty i love all the games man…i said dont compare thats all…each has its own uniqness

    2. LAW_ Cosmicdeitty говорит

      h ryan to you. I’m assuming that you no life the game if you think no other game looks better then it.

    3. Peter Katehis говорит

      h ryan it still fun nonetheless

    4. h ryan говорит

      Pls dont compare this with apex…. apex is the best this looks washedout

    5. Jasper Hall говорит

      this game goes crazy for people with ADHD

  18. hi my names not steve говорит

    The character hes using sounds a little like pathfinder

  19. NippleNuggets говорит

    Finally, a macro upload.

  20. Isaiah Richardson говорит

    I can’t wait for this to come out on consel

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