MMORPG Comparison 2020 | Roles and Classes | ESO vs FFXIV vs GW2 vs WOW

It's time for another MMORPG comparison video! In today's video, we will be comparing how classes and roles are handled in different MMOs in 2020. This comparison will focus on the following games: Guild Wars 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, World of Warcraft, and Final Fantasy 14.

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Now before we get into it, let me tell you where I am coming from. I have been playing MMORPGs for a while now. I played WOW for the first time about halfway through Wrath of The Lich King and played until the end of Catacylsm. I then left WOW to go play games like Guild Wars 2, Wildstar (RIP), and Black Desert Online. I’ve always paid attention to the new expansions WOW released but never felt very interested in returning to the game. Even during legion, when it looked like WOW had really turned the ship around (we’ll talk more about this in a second) I wasn’t convinced. It was Battle for Azeroth, an expansion focused on exploring, adventure, and world PVP that convinced me to come back. We all know how BFA turned out. Finally, I have decided to give FFXIV and ESO a try, but ultimately love making content for any MMORPG I'm interested in discussing.

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  1. Kichwas Selassie говорит

    I more or less play the same set of MMOs.
    For classes I think I favor Guild Wars 2. For roles I think WoW handles it best.
    Yet my preferred games are ESO and FFXIV for other reasons.
    Classes in ESO are too meaningless — they have no lore to them at all. They’re 3 random skill trees that are not major differentiations in playstyle. Regardless of class, a tank will have mostly the same gear, weapon, and skill choices, a stam DPS of one class will mostly look like another, and so on. I personally feel they should just get rid of the classes because they just have so little impact.
    In FFXIV it’s the other way around for an extreme problem — every last Dark Knight will have the exact same skills, rotation, gear, and so on as every other Dark Knight. It is so locked in that you can go online and get an answer to the question of «5.73 minutes into the fight, what skill is every dragoon always casting?» Your choice of job is 100% of your customization — there are no individual builds, period. You can switch jobs, sure, but no ability to do anything unique inside of your choice.
    Roles: In ESO the tanking is just too… limiting. Single target taunt buff machine. You are mostly there to stand in the spot and taunt every 15 seconds, then keep up group buffs. It’s the WoW Classic Ret Paladin… as a tank. In FFXIV — every role is basically just a DPS… You have a DPS that holds aggro, a DPS that does a lot of damage, a DPS that does buffing, and a DPS that does a small amount of damage but can rez in combat…
    WoW tanks have full tanking toolkits, healers have full healer toolkits, and DPS are DPS. I don’t like much about the game at all anymore — but this one thing it gets clear. Everyone on each role has a lot of different things to do and gets to feel fully engaged.
    Guild Wars 2 classes are all very unique, and yet there is still an amazing about of build diversity. I have issues with a lot of other aspects about the game, but it really gets class fantasy down right. You pick a class and really feel it, even though the guy next to you on the same class might have a radically different build and get a very different play experience as a result.

  2. Vyre Zvahl говорит

    I only play FFXIV and FFXI. You made ESO and Guild Wars 2 sound very interesting, but FFXI had a similar level of build variety you could do by having every possible gearset/spell set for your jobs, but the playerbase around you generally beats you into submission, or you stay outcast being unique but always at a mathematical disadvantage. Course in FFXI, since it used to be about gearsets(that has mostly changed due to iLvl introduction), just having the inventory to change your gear on the fly let you be the best you could be for any build setup you chose, customization was limited to merits, and in general, bad things to merit were pretty hard to want to do, because the other merits were far more appealing, for example, reduction of Berserk Cooldown vs. reduction of Defender Cooldown.

    1. Fido Montoya говорит

      TinyBlueGames He’s referring to FFXI (Final Fantasy 11), The MMO that came out in 2002 that was influenced by the older Everquest style (like FFXIV 2.0 was based on the WoW theme park style MMO). That was a truly challenging game that was pretty much impossible to solo in after level 15 (unless you were a Beastmaster), until they caved in and made it easier (like modern games are) a long time ago.

    2. TinyBlueGames говорит

      Very interesting! I love learning more about how things used to work in FFXIV. It sounds like another case where chasing meta builds ultimately reduced build/gear freedom. It’s a difficult problem to fix! Thanks for watching and commenting 🙂

  3. Natalia S говорит

    I love the holy trinity system when it comes to classes and having a clear and solid role in the pt set up so ffxiv wins here for me (never played wow or eso tho). In gw2 I really like the specializations. It’s very unique and cool :).

  4. Dusk194 говорит

    Me: WoW since 2007, GW2 since 2015, ESO since 2017, FF14 2018. I’m also an EVE Vet and dabbled in several other MMO’s.
    My personal Favorite of all is the WOW Druid, where I’ve mained a Resto Healer and Feral dps for nearly a decade. But I am also biased, I love the aesthetics and play styles (Retail, not Classic). But I would have to honestly rate WoW in third place when compared against the other 3 selections.
    My vote for who does it best is torn between GW2’s weapon design (I main Guardian) and ESO’s approach to skill trees (I adore the Mag DK). GW2 presents amazing play styles and what I would argue is the best designed systems; until they brought raids, then it went down hill (which you addressed well). ESO gets a very close second place for freedom in builds; you addressed META, but in most cases you don’t need to be META and thus you have so much flexibility. Where ESO looses me is in skill canceling, it’s not my favorite aspect and I avoid it when possible.
    As for 14, it’s the clear losers for me. I dislike most FF14 job’s and is why I play it least. It has way to many skills; I want to play an MMO, not a Piano. And I have yet to find a job that I identify with, but I do adore other systems like crafting

  5. Gypsy Shadoun говорит

    I’ve been playing ESO since launch and enjoyed it. Played all the classes in the different roles of the trinity. Certain ones I like playing differently then the meta. I just recently got into playing FF14 and love that you can play all the jobs on 1 character instead of multiples which really interested me. I’m a console player though

  6. Crackensan говорит

    I enjoy FFXIV’s system because I don’t have to have alt characters to level, gear, remember who has what, where they are in progression…. i just open up one window and can at a glance, see where every job is on ONE character. No alts, no fuss, no muss. Switching between jobs is a flick of a button and off I go.

  7. Picklerbob говорит

    Chris your voice is so calm and soothing 🙂

  8. kongqianfu говорит

    Csaw, how long did you play Wildstar?

    1. TinyBlueGames говорит

      That’s a good question! I’d say maybe 2-3 year’s total. I certainly played for about a year right after release and then did another longer playthrough when the game went free to play. Thanks for watching and commenting 🙂

  9. Sonic Rose говорит

    And so I started playing Phantasy Star Online 2 — and the classes are…. different. There is no Holy Trinity combo

  10. Tomoe Y. говорит

    As you said in the video, there is the problem of META. Concretely, this makes the complex build systems useless when you want invest yourself in an MMORPG beyond the story mode.
    For one simple reason: You will not be accepted into raid or kicked from groups if your teammates realizes that your build is not optimal. If the group fails, whatever the reason, you will be considered faulty.
    Add to that the Raider IO problems on WoW and the delusional «Kill Proof» on Guild Wars 2 where players ask you to show them tens of tokkens of the boss you’re trying to do and you can be sure to never see a boss. I will not comment on ESO which I do not know enough at a high level.

    In my opinion FF14 has the best system because the classes are generally well balanced and the META does not exist contrary to what many players like to tell everywhere. We have already seen «World Firsts» on several extremely difficult bosses with classes qualified as «useless for the group» including black mages,
    samuraïs and black knights during certain patches when people considered him «dead» and where the warrior was considered the best of tanks…
    If you have the ilvl for the boss you will be taken in training groups or kill without restriction or can go to roster / guild.
    If you already have killed the boss you can join more experienced groups. It is extremely rare not to be accepted in a group because of the class played. Often a private message to the group leader is enough to lift a restriction. No Raider IO, no KP, no discrimination. If you are good you will overcome the raids,
    otherwise you will have to train or join a better group but the build will never be a problem preventing a player from having fun in the game …

    1. TinyBlueGames говорит

      Thanks taking the time to write this comment! It’s really interesting to hear how FFXIV’s endgame works for new and existing players. You also made a great point about and kill proofs which I didn’t think to include in this video, but is definitely relevant to the problem. Thanks for watching 🙂

  11. JT JC говорит

    It is so hard to say one class system over another, with each has its perks and its annoyances. The current everything is melee/GS meta not part of the arguement… For me, GW2 comes to the top. I generally prefer the heal/tank/dps type, but the ability to mix and match and really change your whole playstyle around based on the weapon is amazing.
    Whole lot of TLDR below, but my experience on pros and cons of each game (haven’t played eso), and overall if I could take pieces of each and put them together…. edited to space the paragraphs.
    Leaving WoW after 14 years was like finally letting go of an abusive relationship. It isn’t a game, its a required part of your day if you want to stay relevant.
    FFXIV does a lot of systems right. Everything is based on account, one character can be everything, and reputation currency grinding is totally optional.
    -The remnants of being a console hybrid is obnoxious with the UI and the «healer heal everything and dps at the same time while the tank pulls the whole instance and if you can’t you suck» meta is obnoxious.
    GW2 freedom with whatever you want to do is amazing. The mount system trumps any other game and makes others instantly feel lackluster. You have such a variety of things you can do every day, and you pick what your goals are through collections. Achievements are account wide and you can’t brute force farming with alts, which is both good and bad. There isn’t a gear treadmill. And… iframes…. the addiction of iframes!
    -Hope you don’t like being a traditional caster at all, almost everything is greatsword/melee and/or guardian. You stack and heal through most aoes and mechanics instead of doing them. Coming from FFXIV and WoW where you MOVE the hell out of mechanics and stop being an A-hole to the healer its annoying. Basically get a banner (buff) slave and have someone press alacrity. The meta system in this game is toxic and while I’m still learning it — it seems boons/alacrity are mostly the issue.
    If I had a choice to take from each game:
    -The leveling/scaling and map completion is by far the best leveling and exploration experience I’ve had of any game.
    -Mounts, no contenst what-so-ever. After this every other mount system is feelsbadman.
    -*iframes*, this alone is such a huge thing to have in a game and a rewarding feeling to do.
    -The jumping puzzles.
    -The freedom of variety of content.
    -Combat, the way that yAour weapon determines your core 1-5 buttons.
    -Horizontal progression with mastery level perks.
    -The story is mostly optional and purchasing portal tomes from the map currency vendors can port your alts — so include shared inventory slots in a yes.
    -First off, the way that one character can be everything.
    -Combat, the weaving combat style of GCD and oGCD abilities.
    -The gold saucer.
    -The encounters/mechanics, and graphics of fights and abilities. GW2 has some pretty neat ones as well.
    -PvP. Yes, I think FFXIV PvP system wins. In WoW the pvp and pve skills being the same always causes balance issues. FFXIV you still have the same general playstyle for the class — but they are all separate abilities — so balancing one doesn’t touch the other.
    -While the story is far and above any other, the «just follow msq» required grind can really kill the enjoyment.
    -The music, lets not kid here.
    -The 5 man group with tank/healer system.
    -Healers & tanks not making or breaking fights in some meta dps required way.
    -The cast bars… not being able to time something on cast bars is confusing.
    -The higher snap reaction on abilities (I love xiv but god is the delay a killer).
    -And my goodness the ability to adjust your UI and track your spells and timers with addons. Both FFXIV and GW2 just lacks so hard in the UI/information department. And I’m not talking boss mods, I’m talking about the freedom of auras, bar, and bag mods.

  12. MrLyramion говорит

    FF14: Everyone is a DPS

  13. Daymon говорит

    wooohoooo ive needed this!

  14. Mike Metcalf говорит

    I am kinda a newbie when it comes to MMOs as I have only played FFXIV and I am not even super far into it but I think it would be hard to get into any of the other MMOs. Not being able to play all classes on one character and having to start all over to play another class is a huge turn-off. I also don’t think I would like the more open-ended classes in ESO and GW2 as much either because I like to have a specific goal when I am in a group (maybe that is weird of me) and at the end game there is always gonna be the most optimal build that everyone will use thus invalidating a lot of the freedom. I don’t have a lot of experience and MMO knowledge to back a lot of this up but I just wanted to add my opinion.

  15. Cosmic Soul говорит

    So what’s your favorite mmo?

  16. Dracounguis говорит

    I also play Star Trek Online. They kind of started out with the holy Trinity. Tactical, Engineering and Science. But over the years is kind of morphed into they can all do everything. If you want to tailor yourself to be a specific role you can do that too. But of course when a game doesn’t spend too much time on ‘balance’ DPS just goes crazy and it doesn’t matter if you can survive when enemies die in a few seconds.😆

  17. Zi&D говорит

    The best system is the one that is the most balanced among all the availables classes. For instance FF14 has the best system, because each tank, heal or dps perform equally in raids. FF14 has the most balanced pvp too thanks to the class balance and skill limitation.
    ESO has the worst system by far among all available mmo, some classes like Sorc or Nightblades are god tier in pvp. Sorc has stacked shield for survivability and the best pvp finisher to wreck any class (except Nightblade is well played). Nightblade has a pause on command button with cloack that make it rules the battle. ESO present itself as play as you want, but hell no, if you don’t play the meta in raid you’re kicked from the group. Also ESO present itself as it has many skills which is true, but you can only put 10 skills and 2 ultimate on your hotbars which is pathetic.
    Anyway, as a veteran ESO player (vSS +3 hm, empror, CP 1200) i don’t recomand you playing or paying for ESO. The game is fundamentaly broken in every perspective.
    If you’re looking for an mmo here is my advice : if you can afford a monthly sub or 10 boxes go for FF14 eyes closed. If you can’t pay a monthly sub go for GW2. WOW is dead an burried and ESO is too buggy and broken to invest your time in.

    1. Zi&D говорит

      @Yagi Kataiser doesn’t matter how open your mmo to class customization, there will always be a meta. Wow diversity is fake in a sense that every specialisation can be considered as a new class. So sum your meta specialisation for each class to get the effective number of classes that play the same ( since they are meta)

    2. Yagi Kataiser говорит

      «The best system is the one that is the most balanced among all the availables classes.» I have to (mostly) disagree. FFXIV is my main game, and I’m plenty invested in it; I’ve cleared every raid except UCOB (which I haven’t touched yet) — but I certainly sometimes find myself missing games that have, you know, any meaningful variation/customization within individual classes. Yes, there are always going to be a fixed set of builds/classes that are «meta», but IDGAF about meta; I care about what’s /viable/. You do note that «if you don’t play the meta in raid you’re kicked from the group», which is true in a lot of games (even sometimes FFXIV, which is stupid as hell) — but I’d argue that’s often an issue with the community, not the game, and it’s fixable by finding a less uptight static group. (Pugging difficult content in any MMO is basically the eighth circle of hell anyway, as far as I’m concerned.)
      So IMO, the ideal MMO would strike a balance between «some build customization» and «not so much build customization that balance completely falls out the window». WoW has probably come the closest in this regard, but of course it’s far from perfect in the balance department.

  18. Patrick Pinder говорит

    Haven’t finished whole video, but imo, ff xiv allowing you to change class without ever making an alt is best. Its not perfect since only items and efficiency at job decide what makes one better than another. Being able to level some and change without losing game progress is amazing.

    Still, I do miss picking a specialization like wow has.

    I dislike gw2 method. I loved engineer. I enjoyed it. Then I got a hammer and everything changed. But hammer made class stronger by far. It’s just my opinion but I disliked being forced to change playstyle and class flavor.

  19. L Raven говорит

    the vote one is better , becuase there are people that don’t care to make such an long comment about an game.

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