Top 10 Best Free PC Game Download Websites [2020]

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On your PC, I will show you 10 websites and some of the steps needed to get PC games for free on your computer. Many of these free PC sites have games for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Most of the PC video games on these websites are freeware and shareware games. There are a lot of great games available for PC on these websites.

Websites List:
1. Ocean Of Games:
2. Skidrow Games:
3. IGG Games:
4. Ova Games:
5. Apun ka Games:
6. Pc Gamez Download:
7. Gamer sky:
8. Take Game:
9. Mega Games:
10. GOG:

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  1. Panda Cynic говорит

    this man has pubg mobile in pc
    and an apple wallpaper in windows…what are you doing, you’ll glitch the world

    1. Bruno Smółka говорит

      Carm -FN LMFAO

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    3. Carm -FN говорит

      @FeliX Fl3ming In months you should say LMFAO

    4. FeliX Fl3ming говорит

      This is the funniest comment I’ve seen this week!!!

  2. Tony 2FIT говорит

    the talking like a robot is kinda annoying

    1. Meme Meme говорит

      @smockington lol its weared

    2. smockington говорит

      its satisfying to me

  3. Dark Max говорит

    how about you use your own voice?

  4. We'll be right back 123 говорит

    Thank you all of this sites had the games that i like 🙂 🙂

  5. Dom говорит

    PC Games download was the best

  6. Sheeja C говорит

    Thankuuu soooo much

  7. The lampost show говорит

    The voice makes me feel uncomfortable

  8. Jase Skero говорит

    Thx you so so much your the best I got gta

  9. f2rk говорит

    Yes sir

  10. Damian Demas говорит


  11. Jahseix говорит


    1. YongKuii Music говорит

      please send link

    2. soumyaranjan biswal говорит

      @Aaryan Sharma Bhai wahan jao khudba khud Jan jaoge… Download to bacha v janta he Yar..
      Install karna step by step he wahan.. mein v kavi game nehi khela that pc mein.. meine khud download aur install Kiya isi site se

    3. Aaryan Sharma говорит

      @soumyaranjan biswal I don’t know how to download there n install ???

    4. soumyaranjan biswal говорит

      @Aaryan Sharma apunkagames is good.. go there

    5. Aaryan Sharma говорит

      Guys can u help me I want to download game what I should do

  12. John Ray Godin говорит

    I subbed 😉

  13. Technology World говорит

    very nice sir!

  14. SmartPC Channel говорит

    Walpaper APPLE device windows10 pubg: [ MOBILEEEEE]

  15. Sly Sky говорит

    why is all of the links leading to the same damn site.

    1. Lase the Swede говорит

      just go to

    2. MDZ.7 говорит

      @Gamer4Life i did the same way lol

    3. Gamer4Life говорит

      hey, to open these sites, copy their names and search it in google, firefox, edge, IE, opera

    4. Ethan Moses 6A говорит

      Ahhh…f**k this s**t


    I downloaded a game from one of these websites once and someone tried to reset my password for all my saved sites. Luckily I recovered everything

    1. LORD SNOW говорит

      Which site ?

    2. mark suche говорит

      which site?

  17. nirmal kumar pattanaik говорит

    What! OCEAN OF GAMES!!! NOOOOOOOOO! It is packed with viruses!!!!!

    1. Syed Hashmi говорит
    2. Darkknight говорит

      It used to be good. but now its terrible

  18. gaming boy говорит

    ha you

  19. Мартичан говорит

    oceanofgames *WAS* good to use not any more

    1. xoxoxo wowowo говорит

      @LORD SNOW is it safe to download games for free??

    2. LORD SNOW говорит

      Are there any other sites to download games for free ?

  20. where's mah muny betch I ain't gonna ask nice говорит

    i scrubscribed

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